Angat Pinas, Inc. (commonly known as Angat Buhay) is a non-profit organization that operates in the Philippines with a mission to empower Filipinos to become communities of active citizens as they collectively pursue a life of dignity and hope. Angat Buhay’s vision is to respond to the needs of marginalized communities by mobilizing the largest volunteer network in implementing Bayanihan programs.

It was established on July 1, 2022, following the people’s campaign of former Vice President Leni Robredo. The organization originated as Angat Buhay—a government program under the Office of the Vice President of the Philippines in 2016. After several successful initiatives and projects, the program was transformed into an independent non-profit organization, enabling it to impact the communities it serves significantly.

Since its inception, Angat Buhay has continued to build on its successes by implementing various sustainable development initiatives that empower Filipinos. These programs are focused on education, health and nutrition, disaster relief and rehabilitation, and community engagement and empowerment.

Through its programs, Angat Buhay has positively impacted the lives of many Filipinos, especially those living in poverty. The organization’s approach is community-centered, allowing it to work directly with communities and stakeholders to design and implement programs that address their specific needs.

In addition to its sustainable development programs, Angat Buhay has established the Museo ng Pag-asa as a repository of artifacts from the 2022 peoples’ campaign. The museum serves as a testament to the collective efforts of the Filipinos in advocating for hope, unity, and positive change.

Under the leadership of its Executive Director Raffy Magno, Angat Buhay continues to be a highly dynamic organization committed to empowering communities and promoting social equity in the Philippines. Its origins as a government program and its transformation into an independent non-profit organization have enabled it to build a strong foundation for its programs and initiatives.