Advocacies - Angat Buhay - OVP




The OVP believes that inclusive and sustainable economic growth can only be achieved if there is full, decent, and productive employment for all. The program aims to improve the income of families living below the poverty threshold and decreased unemployment rate by helping improve access to employment opportunities and providing linkages to microenterprise development.


The OVP aims to promote healthy lives and ensure the well-being of everyone by increasing the number of people covered by health insurance or public health system. Special attention is given to improve the health and nutrition of mothers and children under 5 years of age. Drug rehabilitation is also covered under the advocacy, bringing psychological, social, and overall healing to those addicted to illegal substances.


The OVP aims to achieve inclusive and equitable quality education, and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.  Senior High School programs with opportunity matching mechanisms should be made available, to encourage enrollment and increase the participation rate in Senior High School students.


The OVP believes that hunger is one of the most pressing issues our country is facing. The negative effects of malnutrition, especially during a child’s formative stages, are lasting and irreversible. Rather than focus on feeding programs, the OVP hopes to address the root problem of hunger and malnutrition by promoting sustainable agricultural practices. Moreover, there is a need to address maternal nutrition, to aid in the development of future generations.


The OVP believes that women have a unique voice that should be heard in conversations and consultations, especially because they hold an integral role in the Filipino family dynamic. The OVP hopes to give women opportunities to be socially and economically independent, and that they be given all avenues to achieve their goals.


“As Housing Chair, VP Leni aims to go beyond building houses by focusing on the quality of life of those who have been relocated and left without shelter. She envisions not only to construct shelters, but to form full-functioning communities, with basic needs such as electricity, water, schools, and livelihood available for each member of the family.

The efforts of the OVP are all geared towards uplifting and empowering the lives of the Filipino family living in the margins of society.”